Wanderland – Moon Mushroom Single Review

The New indie folk project Wanderland from Natalie Wildgoose and Matt Robinson recently released the second track Moon Mushroom – a fantastic track that envelopes your psyche before taking you on a cosmic journey. And maybe it’s Matt’s improv Jazz and synth background, but my first thought was ‘if Mr. Scruff did folk… this would be close’. And that’s a good thing (and it may all be in my head!).

Moon mushroom kicks off with some very mellow bass and percussion, conjuring up a vast and strange landscape, with some otherworldly synth sounds weaving their way through the track taking us on an out-of-body experience through a dreamy reality.

Natalie Wildgoose’s vocals only serve to enhance this enchanting and dream-like experience with her purposeful and subtle voice taking you to the edge of enlightenment, which is delightfully always just out of reach and leaving you wanting more.

And yet, like all the best dreams Moon Mushroom leaves you with the feeling you’ve awoken with only a vague recollection of what happened – snapshots that made sense during the moment tantalisingly hinting at a bigger picture you just can’t quite grasp. Moon Mushroom is a beautiful indie folk track with some definite psych leaning that promises great things to come from this duo.

Written by Charles Palmer

You can watch the video to Moon Mushroom here: