Vanishing Twin – Phase One Million Single Review

The London-based Psych band Vanishing Twin has just released the second single from their forthcoming album Ookii Gekkou (or Big Moonlight in English) and it’s another slice of that funked-up psychedelic goodness that they do so well, fusing together styles and sounds with supreme confidence and respect.

Phase One Million hits an assured groove from the outset with its funky bassline and repeating guitar licks that hit some almost trip-hop vibes, and as they describe this as a track where afro spars with disco that’s hardly surprising. Cathy Lucas’ distinctive voice cuts through with bell-like clarity as she takes us on a journey across a weird and wonderful sonic landscape filled with wonder and intrigue, while the gentle yet assured percussion wraps around us like a comforting blanket and gently pulls us through the almost dreamlike track with assured ease.

Phase One Million is a track that demands repeated listening, its fusion of 60’s and 70’s funk with more contemporary styles a pure delight to listen to. Both this track and the trippy Big Moonlight have got me extremely excited for the new album, so keep an eye out for my full album review in October.

Go check out the track here, or watch the otherworldly video on YouTube, and if you enjoy what you hear, why not pre-order the album

Written by Charles Palmer
Instagram @shots_by_chaz