Vaarwell – Consume & Grow

If you are looking for something with some seriously chilled-out vibes, then look no further than Vaarwell’s new EP Consume and Grow. So mellow it hurts, this is a collection of songs to contemplate life to.

The EP kicks off with Tomorrow, which features some delicate yet deliberate piano enhanced with some subtle and atmospheric synth work before the soft and otherworldly vocals float delicately through the track like a voice floating on the wind.

Fall Back introduces some R&B influences which blend seamlessly with some futuristic ambient yet Jazzy vibes. The song covers topics such as love, depression, and protection with the melancholy vocals serving to enhance this sense of loneliness and isolation while the chorus rises up and adds a hint of optimism and strength to the overall tone of the track.

Next, we are treated to the layered and multifaceted track Vertigo with its sparse percussion giving room for vocals to breathe, which rise and fall like waves on a turning tide, pulling you into the ethereal landscape painted by the synths in a kind of Massive Attack meets London Grammar kind of way.

Consume is another minimal and delicate track that has nowhere to hide with its minimal yet intricate rhythms and is executed impeccably. Powerfully emotive lyrics echo with concern for someone may approach life with a sense of naivety.

Consume and grow is a captivating listen and only improves with repeated plays as you pick up on the smaller details. Close your eyes and let this EP wash over you – you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Charles Palmer

Watch Vaarwell’s video for Consume here: