Torus – Next Time / Follow / Blurry EP Review

Torus, a band local to my hometown of Milton Keynes consisting of Alfie Glass, Harry Quinn and Eleanor Lawrence have been making waves recently, having made it through to the next round of the Metal to the Masses contest with the ultimate goal of playing Bloodstock Festival. Then Corona hits, and their natural habitat of live venues was closed to the heavy stoner rockers. But instead of putting new music on the back burner like some bands, Torus took the opportunity to get creative and is treating us with a new E.P. all recorded and mixed by the band in lockdown.

Torus performing live at The Craufurd Arms
Torus performing live at The Craufurd Arms

First up we have Next Time, an unashamedly catchy heavy rock song – powerful, punchy and designed to get you moving. It’s delivered with a confidence and energy that’s infectious – I can see this becoming a fan favourite in the pits once we can get back into the live arena. Ellie, the bands’ drummer lays down some great rhythms, bringing a crispness and technicality to their sound that cuts through with refreshing clarity, yet giving enough room for Alfie & Harry to lay down their grooves.

Follow opens up with a short, catchy guitar riff before stating, ‘I will follow… She’s one of a kind’ a powerful song of desire and emotions in turmoil. This song really allows Alfie’s vocals to shine, and his emotive guitar playing weaves around the solid rhythms and brings a more subtle depth of sound to the E.P.

Harry from Torus performing live at The Craufurd Arms

Last up we have Blurry, starting lighter in tone stating ‘I wanted love, you gave me some’ with a bit of lo-fi goodness added to the vocals we get extra texture to their sound. Lyrics are sparse but weighted with energy and power, there is some fantastic fretwork provided by Alfie – both technical and heavy, and Harry’s distorted rhythms work perfectly with Ellie’s drumming underpinning the track, making it a joy to listen to as we descend into the darkness of toxic relationships.

Ellie performing on drums for Torus
Ellie’s excellent drumming underpins the tracks perfectly.

Although Torus is a young band, they play together with a chemistry that feels like they have been performing together for much longer. I’m really excited to see where this band go once this virus has gone, they are already writing some great material and this EP is just a taste of what’s to come from the band.

You can find them on Spotify here, and their new E.P. will be released on the 12th June.