Thyla Single Review – Gum

Over the last couple of years Thyla have been going through a period of change, their sound maturing and becoming more refined. The album was in the bag, then the pandemic hit – everything slowed down and the album launch seemed a long way away. When Mitch left the band, I began to wonder if the album would ever see the light of day at all. And yet I should not have been worried. Recently signed to Easy Life Records Thyla has emerged from their cocoon reinvigorated, evolved, and yet comfortingly familiar to release their latest single Gum – and it’s a banger!

I can’t help but feel that Gum is a metaphor for the changes the band have seen as Millie sings ‘I’ve been thinking about growing myself new skin’, as the bands hook-laden sound fills the room with exquisite dreamy, chiming melodies. The track slowly builds to deliver sweeping, riffs, and commanding percussion that is pulled together by skilful bass work from bassist Dan Hole. This is dream-pop but with a twist of post-punk that gives the band such a fresh, unique sound. As always Millie’s voice is filled with a heartfelt emotion that bubbles beneath the surface, helping you to really feel every word that leaves her mouth, but at no time does it feel she overpowers the track. This is a fine vocal tightrope and she balances it with mastery.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the video for this latest track and fill your ears with this beauty of a track and if you enjoy it as much as I did, why not pre-save the album on their official store.

Written by Charles Palmer