Thyla – Everything at Once EP Review

I first saw Thyla live at The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes back in 2019, though I had been following their music before that, having randomly discovered them on Spotify. A fantastic band live, filled with raw emotion and talent, I was hoping for great things from their latest EP. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Coming in at four tracks, Everything at Once kicks off with Two Sense, a driving rock track with Millie’s emotion-filled vocals grow to the edge of control, without ever losing it while that band drives everything along with their infectious guitar, rhythmic bass, and confident percussion.

Lennox Hill starts off with a slightly softer tone, reminiscing of days gone by, journeying from the hospital where frontwoman Millie was born through the twists and turns life throws at you. It’s these challenges that make you who you are, and sometimes you lose your way – you need to stop, take a look back at what you’ve left behind before you can move forward, building into a glorious sonic crescendo of raw energy.

December shows the band’s more vulnerable side. With dark undercurrents, we’re caught in an emotional breakdown. The soft tones really creating a moving juxtaposition with the toxicity laced lyrics of the song. It’s a beautiful and deeply personal track that really sees the band growing and developing their sound.

The EP finishes off with the fantastic Everything which is already a fan and band favourite live. Starting with soft guitar before the percussion kicks and with some lovely bass, and Millie’s dreamy vocals come in, again building into an emotional tour-de-force. Maybe it’s just my introverted nature, but I can really relate lyrically to this song, ‘Do you ever ignore the knocking at your door, because the rain batters down on the concrete floor?’ but I imagine different people would draw something relateable to them from this song. Like the best art, you see in it what you need.

Everything at Once is a fantastic EP that really demonstrates the group of Indie Alt-Rockers’ potential. Drawing inspiration from the darker side of humanity with some emotional, crowd-pleasing and future stadium-filling anthems this EP hits all the right notes. It’s a crime that this band remains unsigned, though with an album on the horizon for 2021 there’s no doubt in my mind that they are on the cusp of great things.