Thyla – Breathe Single Review

Thyla softens their emotive indie sound with some catchy 80’s vibes, but that doesn’t mean this song sells out to mainstream – rather it gives us an early glimpse into the band’s evolution since earlier works such as Blue, giving us a taste of what’s to come from the dream-pop indie band.

Their newer work is definitely starting to lean more into their synth sound, trading in the heavy guitars for some dreamy keyboards and guitars. In some ways, the song breaks from the past by dropping the big crescendo in the chorus that had become so familiar with Thyla’s work for a more hypnotic and immersive sound that retains the emotion of the band’s past works, but is more subtle, and dare I say it – more grown-up.

Dig deeper into this poppier offering and you discover the song takes on quite a melancholy tone, seemingly talking about someone who appears happy on the outside, and yet is lonely and unfulfilled. Despite this, there is an inner strength to the song, as Millie sings “I’ve been coping well, I’m good on the inside, I’ve been doing well”, lyrics that sound like someone trying to convince themselves that everything is all right, even when it’s not – but provide us with a sense of optimism that the future will improve, and that they will be stronger for it.

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