The Atlas State – Android Single Review

Hot on the heels of their previous release Misfit, The Atlas State – the psych-rockers from Perth have just released their latest track, Android which will feature on the upcoming EP “Just Another Man’s Hands” and delivers a rich textural landscape of sound and dark, thought-provoking lyrics.

As Android starts we are treated to Jittery guitars which set the darker mood for this track, before the lyrics “A Stark face betrays nothing beneath the surface, he’s tried to mingle this way before…” and prepares us for the rest of the track trying to read the emotions of our blank-faced, almost psychopathic protagonist.

Android builds in waves, rising to a crescendo generating extra tension before settling back into its more sultry mood, the saxophone adding an additional layer of texture and intrigue on this sonic rollercoaster ride. If the rest of the EP is to this standard then we should be in for a treat!

Written by Charles Palmer

Check out Android on YouTube or Spotify here: