SINGLE REVIEW: Biianco, Life As We Know It Now

Biianco has been releasing consistently great tracks for the last few months. Life As We Know It Now was written and produced entirely during the quarantine.

Opening with ‘Settle down, this is a movie you’ve seen…‘ Biianco is setting the scene, looking back at how life was while also contemplating what might be in this groundhog day situation we find ourselves in. But like most of Biianco’s music, there are layers to the meaning, an internal reflection of wellbeing that mirrors our isolation situation.

This vulnerability is beautifully translated into her vocal tone. More than ever her music seems to be the medium for opening her soul, revealing her emotions with her heart in her voice. The video serves to amplify the sense of isolation, the timelapse demonstrates how life can pass us by in the blink of an eye when every day is the same while giving us a glimpse into Biianco’s life and routine during the lockdown. Happiness, sadness, madness and everything in-between.

Biianco – Life as we know it now (Official Video)

Biianco continues to deliver her trademark vocal loops and beautifully timed synth work that makes her music so recognisable but it’s the undercurrent of emotions that make it powerful, vulnerable and personal.

We may be living a movie, we may all come out of this experience slightly different people with new priorities but music from artists like Biianco serve as a reminder that we are not alone, we are all in this together to live another day.

Released: 24/04/2020
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