Biianco Checkmate Single Review

When the opening bars of LA producer Biianco’s atmospheric new track Checkmate start you get the feeling this is going to be something special. And you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, I would go as far as to say this is their best track to date. If in their debut ‘Get Up’ saw the artist looking to discover who they are, in Checkmate they truly transcend and find themselves.

Soft and evocative vocals initially draw you into the track as Biianco sings “You showed up inside my head, and settled, settled your pretty self in” which hints at the inner turmoil faced as they go through a journey of self-discovery, facing an internal battle and struggle to find acceptance for who they are.

As the song progresses Biianco sings with a new confidence in who they are becoming. The music becomes stronger, more powerful. More determined, and ultimately more assured in themselves. “I’ve been looking for you too, I’ve been looking for you” they sing, the realization that these feelings and emotions are the ones they have been chasing and don’t want to let them slip through their fingers. Singing “You gotta do it like you never do” they hint at the determination to hold onto what they have found and become truly who they are.

These internal battles take the form of a game of chess (or in the case of the video a witch’s spell gone awry) with emotions, and feelings battling against each other. This game may not be easy, as Biianco sings “Yeah I pick you up, Brush you off, make you love me, Til I fuck you up, Break your heart, like you told me” and only when there is an acceptance in one’s true self can there be a winner. There can be Checkmate.

Review by Charles Palmer

Checkmate is out now, and you can watch the video on YouTube:

Biianco finds their true self with a witches spell gone awry