Nina Savary – That’s Just The Way I Want It To Be – Single Review

French multi-disciplinary artist Nina Savary has just released her next single That’s Just The Way I Want It To Be, and it’s a mesmerizing track that also has a delightful air of Nostalgia about it – an emotion that’s also enhanced by the fantastically analogue video from Raz Ullah.

Nina’s emotive voice floats its way in and out of the subtle bass and acoustic guitar with delicate yet deliberate ease, working its way around the simplistic rhythms and minimal orchestral elements to create an elegant soundscape. Sometimes less is more, and Nina makes it sound easy.

The track has a lovely hypnotic quality to it with the subtly repeating lyrics and captivating instrumental elements that encourage you to kick back and let your thoughts evaporate away like a cloud on a summer’s day.

Written by Charles Palmer

Watch the video here: