Martha Gunn – Minute Of My Time Single Review

Martha Gunn are back with their latest release Minute Of My Time and sees the band continue to hone their sound with emotional lyrics and suitably atmospheric musicianship. This latest track is taken from their upcoming album Something Good Will Happen which is due for release on 17th September.

The track kicks off with some sampled vocals and synth work to set the tone before Abi comes in with her smooth, emotive voice singing ‘Looking for a reason or rhyme to make your mind up baby tell me when you are ready to go, keep me waiting left anticipating turning into hating tell me what I need to know’, telling us about how it feels to be trapped in a one-sided relationship.

Beautifully fuzzy synths and catch bass line really help to gel this track together with the well-considered percussion and is ever so slightly reminiscent of Haim, whilst the guitar adds extra texture and momentum to the melodies that really helps the track build a sense of strength as Abi’s vocals cut through like a well-honed blade to deliver the succinct message that a one-sided relationship is not a healthy place to be, singing ‘All my time, all my love, but you’re giving me nothing’, reaching that pivotal moment in a relationship where you must decide it’s fate.

Martha Gunn’s songwriting is going from strength to strength and based on the singles released so far the album should be a real treat. I’ve pre-ordered the album, and you should too. You can watch the video for the single here, or listen on Spotify where the track has been bundled with the other single releases from the upcoming album.

Written by Charles Palmer
Instagram: @shots_by_Chaz