Lonesome - Inure Band Photo

Lonesome – Inure Single Review

In 2019 post-rock band Lonesome released To Myself, From Myself – the first part in a trilogy of tracks that have been designed to give the listener the opportunity to paint their own picture to the music. Now they are back with Inure – part two of this trilogy that looks to expand on this theme by creating an intriguing and emotional soundscape that begs you to close your eyes and get lost within the thrumming, layered experience.

Inure opens with some beautiful atmospheric synths and soft, haunting piano before the vocals sweep in with such melodic beauty and tension they wouldn’t be out of place in an Anathema record. The song builds up in layers with ethereal guitars adding texture and rhythm around the hypnotic percussion, allowing the listener to empty their mind and construct a personal narrative to the song. “the idea is for the listener to create their own perspective, chronology and interpretation.” states Kerr-Gray. 

The trilogy of tracks has been designed to be listened to together as a single body of work, but rather than being listened to in rigid, linear fashion they can be played in any order, creating a unique experience for the listener. Band member Will Cooper had this to say: “This trilogy has a lot of layers that will become evident upon the release of the third and final part. You will notice that certain tracks can lead into other tracks and there are a few orders in which the trilogy can be played. Different narratives can be formed by reordering the trilogy which we think is a really interesting concept.” 

Inure is a layered, multi-faceted track that works fantastically on its own merit as well as part of its larger piece, and I cannot wait to hear the final finished trilogy to finally see how everything will work together as a cohesive whole.

Go check the video out now, and the track will be available on streaming as well as the group’s Bandcamp from the 10th September.

Written by Charles Palmer