Grace Lightman – Eyes 4 U Single Review

It’s been two years since I saw Grace Lightman at the Bluedot festival, and was instantly smitten with her sci-fi infused music, and her album Silver Eater still remains a constant on my turntable – like Bowie, it just doesn’t get old. Now she’s back with her new single Eyes 4 U and I was worried she just wouldn’t be able to pull off a follow-up to Silver Eater which in my mind is near perfect. But I shouldn’t have been concerned as Eyes 4 U sees Grace embrace her more human side and deliver a perfect tonic for the summer ahead.

Eyes 4 U kicks off with some soft strings and bouncing, whimsical synths, before Grace comes in, stating “Is this thing on, how would I know?” with a fresh and endearing timidness with some melancholy undercurrents. This almost playful tone continues until we get some rather lovely pizzicato on the strings before the track switches up and grows into something deeper and richer – Percussion becomes more structured and the strings really add a sense of emotion to the piece that compliments the first half of the track perfectly.

I do hope that the Silver Eater returns to this planet in the future, but until then it’s great to see Grace step out from behind her alter ego and take center stage with this fresh, fun, and capricious track that makes me smile and forget my worries for nearly four minutes, and right now that’s more than enough for me.

Written by Charles Palmer

Check out Grace Lightman’s new track Eyes 4 U here: