Weeping Willow Live at The Craufurd Arms

Weeping Willow, the highly talented duo (on this occasion) from Milton Keynes performed their prog infused indie, enchanting and captivating the audience at the Craufurd Arms on Tuesday night.

Simply voice, guitar and cello, I was immediately struck by the emotion that carried in both the voice and music. Its obvious that this is music from the heart, and the song writing is stunning, hypnotic and other worldy yet grounded in real emotion.

Rachel jokes that she has never learned to play the guitar properly, she just makes it create the sounds she wants. This reminded me on an interview with Steven Wilson, (link here) the progressive legend where he spoke about how he didn’t even know the names of the chords that he played. He just made it make the sounds he wanted. This is a quality that was present in Rachel’s playing, both humble yet impressive at the same time.

If you get the chance to check them out, you should, this is music from the heart. Personally, I can’t stop thinking about this performance – it moved me in such a way that their music will stay with me for a long time.