The Grey Live at Club 85, Hitchin

I arrived at Club 85 whilst The Grey were doing their soundcheck and immediately I was struck by the sheer power coming from the trio. I must admit, I was a little surprised Hawklords were being supported by such a heavy sounding band, but once the lights dimmed, and the smoke trailed across the stage, any concerns I may have had were soon laid to rest.

Operating as a trio performing performing heavy rock/metal with no vocals the Grey needed to be running a tight ship – and they delivered in every aspect. Superb, almost tribal drumming set the scene for the other band members to build their dirty bass riffs and rhythms with layers of textural guitar and Interwoven with occasional samples that made them sound like their was more of them on stage than their actually was. 

I was surprised with myself how much I enjoyed this band – I don’t normally listen to anything much heavier than Hawkwind but the band had so much energy that hooked into the more primal areas of my brain that I couldn’t help getting caught up in the atmosphere they were creating, along with the rest of the audience.

Why don’t you check out The Grey on Spotify, you may be surprised by what you hear and coming back for more.