The Blackheart Orchestra @ Crauford Arms

This is the third time I’ve seen The Blackheart Orchestra perform – once at a Stables showcase in Campbell Park, once supporting Hawkwind when they did their Hawkestra at the London Palladium and now supporting Lifesigns. Every time they have been absolutely flawless. 

The duo multi instrumentalists work together seamlessly, building loops and rhythms, fusing acoustic with electronic and Crissy Mostyn’s vocals are tinted with a haunting sadness, reminding me of Marjana Semkina from I am the Morning – building up a soundscape and adding weight to a musical journey that is more than the sum of its parts.

Diving for Roses has been a constant addition to my spotify playlist over the last 18 months, and I’m super excited that they are releasing a new album on Cherry Red Records this year.

Check them out live (I think they are supporting Hawkwind again later this year for their 50th Anniversary tour (which i’d love to photograph, hint hint), pre order their album or give them a listen on Spotify – what do you have to lose?