Solstice @ The Craufurd Arms

Wow, well where do I start with my review of Solstice? Andy Glass, the frontman of Solstice comes on stage, jokes a little with the audience, before the band kick the night off with their take on prog. And when I say prog, I don’t mean the modern, dark, heavy sound of The Pineapple Thief or Steven Wilson (though it is worth pointing out Steven Wilson is a fan of the band, after seeing them perform as a teenager) – this was full on vocal harmonies, timing signatures that make your brain hurt, keyboard that Rik Wakeman would be proud of, electric violin solos (we need more violin in rock – it sound soooo good!) and proper guitar playing that last so long even Andy joked that the singers would leave the stage while he did his guitar thing!

The band obviously have a dedicated fan base. I spent much of the evening chatting to a gentleman (George I believe?) who’d flown down from Glasgow just for this gig. The atmosphere was fantastic, the showmanship top notch, plenty of audience interaction and a two song encore. What more do you need from a night out?

So why not dig out that Delorian, fire up the flux capacitor and travel back to a time when prog was cool and lose yourself in great music for a couple of hours.