Safest Spaces Live @ The Craufurd Arms, November 2021

The duo took to the stage on Wednesday night with good humour, on what seemed a slight change to the billed acts that night. But that didn’t matter as the crowds slowly filtered in as they started performing – we were all there for a good night of music, and Safest Spaces gave us that in bucketloads. Vocals were raw and powerful and filled with emotion, and both of them had a fantastic stage presence. They may have joked about having to retune for every song as they are not very good guitar players – but I think they sounded mighty fine with their uncompromising style that seemed to straddle some space between punk and folk – just like cheese spread and marmite it shouldn’t have worked but oh it did and was a real treat!

A great way to start off the night! Check out my full gallery below.

Words and photos by Charles Palmer