Pete Hemsley @ Craufurd Arms

Pete, the drummer from Solstice was providing support for his bandmates on saturday night. Taking his seat at his percussion instrument – the Hang, there was  a bit of banter with the audience, before starting his set.

The Hang produced a mellow, soothing tone the backing samples, triggered from a sampling pad helped to produce a rich, ambient and sometimes jazzy feel to the sound. The Hang remained a constant throughout the set, helping to pull everything together into one cohesive set.

Pete was obviously at home behind the Hang and you could see he how you could get lost within the music. This is music to listen to, and reflect upon.

Throughout the set there was friendly interaction with the audience, asking which of his band mates may have contributed to individual tracks. The dedicated audience of course knew all of the answers!

You can find out more about Pete Hemsley a his website