Lifesigns @ The Craufurd Arms

Over the last year or so i’m not going to lie, i’ve drifted away from prog music a bit. I still love bands like The Pineapple Thief and Steven Wilson, but not a lot has really grabbed me. Then I listen to Lifesigns for the first time at the Craufurd Arms, and I wonder why – these guys were totally on point, funky bass working in harmony with the drums, skilled keys without being overbearing and guitar that fused seamlessly with everything else. There was also great banter with the audience – in fact they truly seem to care about them, and the audience truly care about the band. This was more like an extended family than the usual crowd, at one point singing happy birthday to one of their most dedicated fans. 

The music was layered and at times complex, but at no point did I feel we got the gratuitous guitar twiddling or difficult, jarring rhythms so common with prog music. Vocal harmonies were spot on, working in harmony with the keyboards. In fact, though they are labelled as a prog rock band, their music bridged genres with ease. And the diverse audience was a testament to this fact.

I really, really enjoyed this band. I can’t believe i’ve managed to miss them all these years and they have definitely helped to rekindle a little bit of prog fire in my belly.