Junodef at the Craufurd Arms, 2019

Junodef @ The Craufurd Arms

Junodef are a post rock band of Swedish origin. I hadn’t heard of them before, so did check them out on Spotify first, and although not my normal ‘go to’ kind of music, I enjoyed it very much, I did feel it had some prog influence in there.

Playing live, I was impressed by the layering of sounds, the dark guitar and bass hanging in the air like the threat of a thunderstorm, weaving in and out of the sublime vocals, harmonic with a dark edge. The mixture of traditional and electronic drumming helped to add another dimension to their sounds.

I’ve read some parallels to Warpaint in other reviews, but for me I heard something more akin to WISDOM OF CROWDS by Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse. But maybe that’s just me. Give them a listen, and make up your own mind.