Genn live @ Bedford Esquires

So, this was my third attempt to see Brighton band Genn Live. I originally had tickets to go see them live at my local The Craufurd Arms, then the pandemic hit, and the gig was canceled. Then in November last year, they were in Bedford so I bought a ticket, only to realize I’d double-booked with taking my daughter to see Hawkwind in London… So third time lucky I finally managed to see them, and boy what a fantastic live show do they put on!

Genn are often described as post-punk, but the show opened up with an extended instrumental with some positively psychedelic leanings (which is not surprising as they had performed as a psych festival just the week before). The band got into an infectious grove before Leona took to the stage with boundless energy.

I’ve been a huge fan of their EP Liminal for ages now and was one of my most listened to records of 2021 so it was great to finally hear many of these tracks live, with their huge, funk-driven bass lines and guitar all driven along with powerful drumming that pulled everything along at a pace while vocals wove between the instruments masterfully. And as a mark of a great band, everything sounded richer, fuller, and just better live.

So if post-punk with psych leanings is your cup of tea (and it’s totally mine!) then please check out this band and give them your support! You can check out the full gallery below: