Biianco @ The Waiting Room

I was eagerly anticipating Biianco coming on stage, having discovered her music via her other band Smoke Season. working the keys, Gabby starts building tension with sweeping synths before launching into her debut single ‘Get Up’. The crowd give a whoop of excitement, and you can see the pure pleasure of performing on Biianco’s face.

Her keyboards and drum pad become an extension of her body as she moves seamlessly between them, making them a part of her dance routine. Self produced, you can tell there is a little bit of her soul in her music – Biianco doesn’t sound like anyone else, she sounds like Biianco.

There is something about Gabby Bianco’s music that inspires me deeply. She sings of love and loss, but also finding inner strength and equality. As a father of two daughters this is something I think about a lot. In a Trump and Boris 1984 style dystopian world, music by artists such as Biianco and Anna Calvi gives me hope of a future where future generations can grow up to be who they want to be, without being judged or belittled for their differences, but rather celebrated for them.