Beach Riot Live @ The Craufurd Arms November 21

I have to admit, i’d never listened to Beach Riot before going to the show – I had just booked the tickets as I liked the band name and the bio on the Craufurd Arms website. And luckily I was not disappointed at all – apparently, this was the first night on the tour, and they wanted to make it a good one. They came on stage with an undercurrent of excitement and energy for performing live again that flowed through into their fuzzed up sound, with tight guitar, rhythm and percussion balanced out masterfully with some freer jamming moments. They took us on a journey with tracks from their latest album & EP’s – waves of heavier moments were accompanied by explosive moments on stage which were indispersed with lighter, more heartfelt sections that really showed the range this band have.

So this may have been my first introduction to Beach Riot, but it certainly won’t be my last – here’s a band with massive potential and I’m looking forward to seeing where this talented group go in the future.

Check out the full gallery below, words and photos by Charles Palmer